Kubernetes Infrastructure Management Implemented For A Real Estate Firm

Real Estate


Business Objective

10 Federal aimed to utilize technology at every step of the work order and facility management to achieve better management, traceability, and accountability for digital work order management. Also, they wanted to adopt mobility and modern cloud technologies to support their long-term business strategy to launch the application as a subscription-based SaaS application to fulfill future demands growing within the industry.

Business Challenges

They identified the need for faster, reliable, and automated options that could enable them to integrate new facilities easily, help them provide unmanned services, and most importantly, enhance efficiency. They wanted better solutions for existing manual work order and the facility management system to streamline new business processes/initiatives and to expand the operation to multi-locations.

Business Solution

Microservices architecture with AKS, Helm, Kubernetes, Docker, ACR, Ingress, Nexus, and other top tools have been proposed to the client for SaaS-based work order management application development after analyzing the requirements thoroughly. We have identified applications’ critical services and functionalities such as managing work scheduling and work execution, utilizing mobile capabilities, and attaining end-to-end analytics to keep track of financial and operational data trends and several others. Hence, Successive has developed digital work order management to streamline day-to-day storage facility management and operations.

Technology Stack

Azure Managed Cluster With Brigade, Azure Container Registry (ACR), Azure Blob Storage, Azure Service Bus, Azure Notification Hub, Mongo-Db, SQL-Server, Certificate Manager, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Bitbucket, Ingress, Nexus, SendGrid, Slack, SignalR, Xamarin, Angular, and .Net Core.


Case Study

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