Real Time Multi-Site Deployment Performed With Kubernetes


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One of the largest drupal hosting providers wanted to adapt cloud-native architecture to reduce the manpower by automating the infra-related tasks, changing the PHP settings for the configuration of new websites, managing the cron jobs, and monitoring the clusters.


The client was having difficulty managing numerous websites and content hosted on their web platform written in PHP and JavaScript. Both the client and its customers were struggling to scale and achieve stability with AWS ECS. They had to wait for minutes to get to the UI/UX screen because the existing EC2 instances took minutes to spin up and distribute the load during scaling, which was solved with Kubernetes that took less than a second to perform the same job.

Solutions and Outcomes

Successive developed a robust in-house infrastructure with great familiarity, designing, deploying, and operating large Kubernetes clusters during the migration. We deployed container-based architecture for its greater portability across various environments. As containers are provisioned in seconds, the amount of time needed to ship a new feature to customers has significantly reduced using container architecture and Kubernetes.

Technology Stack

Cloudformation, data sync, S3, ECR, EKS, EFS, ELBs, Terraform, IaC, Ansible, Velero, CI/CD, Gitlab, GitHub, Drupal, MySQL, Docker, Travis, Jenkins, Traefik, Ubuntu (EC2), Shell scripting, Pingdom, PHP, Node, Prometheus, Grafana, EFK, Redis

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