Data Security Maintained With Mobile App Penetration Testing




FieldSeekerĀ®, a global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, wanted to detect vulnerabilities through ethical hacking practices for data security and confidentiality. Besides vulnerability scanning, they leveraged advanced penetration testing to exploit identified findings to offer a secure platform to its users.

Business Requirements

FieldSeekerĀ® required expert security engineers who could perform penetration tests on a mobile application against security vulnerabilities and identify weaknesses for remediation. They wanted to anticipate hackers’ behaviors and strengthen the application’s security following OWASP top 10 technicalities.

Solution & Outcome

Successive followed industry best practices and methodologies to perform penetration testing on a mobile application to achieve resilience. Our experts performed intense manual testing using OWASP Top 10 methodology and OWASP mobile security guide to make the application withstand attacks from unauthorized users. We gathered security flaws within the system by exploiting hidden cues and prepared a comprehensive review report with the most appropriate remediations. Since the application has many subscribers and workers, we help them appropriately implement remediations, including password reset submission, preventing unauthorized login attempts & use of weak passwords, and measurements to avoid OPT fraud.

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