Business Continuity Ensured Against Cyber Threats With Ethical Hacking




A global IT consulting and service provider wanted to identify security exploits in applications and systems by purposefully performing malicious techniques using penetration testing methods. They wanted to discover how systems will respond to a real cybersecurity threat and leverage the data to fix the security flaws.

Business Challenges

The clients faced business continuity issues and had specific requirements for their duty of care to maintain employee and customer’s personal and financial data. Given their global presence, they needed to meet and regulate security standards for effective operations and trust among employees and customers.

Solution & Outcome

Successive’s security engineers performed internal network penetration testing focusing on exposing the links that attackers could comprise. The professionals tested and assessed the vulnerabilities to insider attacks in networks, operating systems and related software, firewall/IDS/IPS, and others. Following the standards and penetration testing methodologies, our team identified a list of vulnerabilities and presented the client with a report to enable them to assess their business risks. It brought awareness of security issues among the upper management. It helped them to implement cost-effective and on-time remediation to secure configuration, network traffic, secured authentication, secure password policies, patching, and other necessary responses to cyber risk.

Tool Used

Nmap, Nessus, Nikto

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