Developed And Deployed Cloud Applications With Azure PaaS




JCI wanted to achieve better workforce efficiency and uninterrupted business operations by automating remote site auditing with the help of automation and advanced cloud technologies. They want to eliminate manual processes with digital transformation while ensuring safety and mobility.

Business Requirements

As a digital transformation initiative, the client needs mission-critical web applications, mobile applications, and API applications to serve diverse enterprise solutions like Logistic Pricing (Container Pricing), Order Tracking, Site Auditing, and Newsletter Notifications. And on top of it, the client wants a revamped system resilient to disruptions and fulfilling the purpose of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Solution & Outcome

Keeping into consideration the application’s usage to accomplish diverse business goals, our solution experts put the project foundation by implementing DevOps with Azure and PaaS services.

Our experts have programmed logical workflow and integrated automation that reduces the burden from auditors and speeds up site auditing for various needs like checking the health of installed fire and security equipment, HVAC equipment, and many others.

The top cloud technologies have been used to develop and deploy solutions such as Azure App Services, Azure SQL Database, Azure Repos, Azure Application Insights, Azure API Gateway, and many others.

We have ensured secure login and access to multiple enterprise portals by using Azure AD and Multi-Factor Authentication. core, Angular 8, and Xamarin are other front-end development frameworks that have been used to develop interactive user interfaces delivering the best user experience on the developed applications, helping increase productivity.

Our cloud solutions now ensure zero downtime, automation, high performance and business continuity and have reduced maintenance costs.

Technology Stack

Azure App Service, Azure Notification Service, Azure Blob Storage, Azure SQL Database, Azure Application Insights, Azure API Gateway (API Management service / Application Gateway), Azure DevOps, Microsoft Intune MAM, C#, .Net Core, Xamarin, SQLite, Entity Framework Core, SonarQube.

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