Cloud Migration Accelerated For A Public Sector Corporation

Public Sector



One of the Public Sector Corporations wanted to expand its customer-centric capabilities with cloud-adopted technologies for its website and mobile application. They aimed to integrate edge & cloud technologies with their legacy system to manage customer-centric applications concurrently.


The client’s biggest challenge was maintaining traditional infrastructure to meet the evolving customer needs and support the adoption of new-age technologies. Another difficulty was ensuring the security of multiple communication channels over the internet.

Solution and Outcome

Successive helped the client migrate their applications and data to the cloud and leverage automation best practices with AWS DevOps and CI/CD pipeline. It helped them streamline the business processes, optimize the cost, reduce downtime, and achieve scalability. We initiated the project with AWS Landing Zone providing a foundation for cloud adoption and strategic utilization of resources, including IAM role, CloudTrail, Guard Duty, CloudFormation, and bi-directional security using Cyber Arch. Now the client is exploring the cloud and leveraging its benefits in other facets of the business.

Technology Stack

EC2, Route 53, S3, AWS RDS, SNS, Cloud Watch, CloudTrail, AWS redshift, AWS documentdb, AWS Landing Zone, Java, and Node.

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