Data Transformation Performed For Data-Driven Decision-Making

Public Sector



RTI International aspired to seed its range of products and services with advanced data assets. They wanted a database framework allowing them to populate data across products and services, help increase operational efficiency and reduce cost.

Business Requirement

To utilize new-age data technologies to develop data assets and store them in a consolidated database so that these could be used strategically for performing high-end data-related jobs like data engineering, data analytics, and more. For achieving the goal, data assets needed to be developed from data values extracted from multiple publicly available sources that required cleaning, formating, and sampling.

Solution & Outcome

After analyzing the client’s requirements and strategic usage of data assets, we started developing a data framework by following practices like data ingestion, data transformation, and data factory configuration.

The whole system was developed on ASP.Net Core, PostgreSQL was used to define data types, implement custom business logic and deal with the data volume. Our experts ensure a seamless experience for querying data with the help of APIs and added metadata to add additional context to the records of data. The developed consolidated data assets now provide faster access to business data and help for better decision making while fulfilling the future business requirements for visualization, data analytics, AI & ML jobs, model training, and much more.

Technology Stack

C#, ASP.Net Core, PostgreSQL, NPOI for Excel manipulation

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