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DevOps as a Service


Repeatable and Adaptive Processes Driving DevSecOps Demand

Many companies struggle to balance the speed and frequency of releases with an established paradigm of handling security and compliance. The question is how organizations can make peace between the two and focus on accelerating the adoption of model cloud technologies offering the flexibility and scalability to respond faster to…

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Cloud Security and DevSecOps


How DevSecOps Keep The Application Secure

Security architects are an essential presence in your IT department. If you haven’t already, it’s time to have them sit at the table and have a strong voice. Why? The cyber security landscape has changed dramatically over the past several years, and what used to work no longer works. Even…

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Application Modernization

Successive Blog Serverless

Serverless Computing: What Is It And Why It Matters To Enterprises?

Provisioning and managing the infrastructure of an application consumes the developer’s most productive hours and leaves no time for innovation. Serverless computing solves this problem. It has become a new form of architecture programmed for cloud platforms and is changing the way applications have been built, tested, deployed and consumed.…

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